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The Cat's Meow

... or A Day in the Life of Me

5 December 1973
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Heya! I'm a middle-agish (34 now) guy-furry, living up in Canada. To top it off, I'm bisexual.

I work for a printing company, desktop-publishing more specifically.

For fun I play games of all sorts, table-top RPGS, first person shooters, computer RPGS (such as Final Fantasy, Baldur's Gate, etc.), mucks, muds, and so forth. I also enjoy all the latest movies (and classics of course), and have been known to watch anime and read mangas.

Decode my furcode:
FFD3amsw A- C+ D H+ M++ P++ R+ T+++ W Z+ Sm++ RLCT a+ caln++++ d++ e+ f+ h+ iwf+++ j+ p+ sm+

alternative lifestyles, anime, arthurian legends, bahamut lagoon, battlefield 2, battlefield 2: euro force, battlefield 2: special forces, battletech, besm, bisexuality, books, canada, cats, changeling: the dreaming, changeling: the lost, cheese, chivalry and sorcery, coca cola, comics, computers, cyberpunk, cyberpunk 2020, d20, demon: the fallen, disgaea, dms, dragon quest, dragon warrior, dragonlance, dragons, dungeons and dragons, exalted, final fantasy, forgotten realms, furry, fuzion, gals, games, gaming, gurps, guys, hockey, hunter: the reckoning, internet, ironclaw, jadeclaw, king arthur, kittens, mage: the ascension, mage: the awakening, makai kingdom, manga, mega man, mega man 2, mega man 3, mega man 4, mega man 5, mega man 6, mega man 7, mega man 8, mega man x, mega man x2, mega man x3, mega man x4, mega man x5, mega man x6, mega man x7, mega man x8, mega man zero, mega man zero 2, mega man zero 3, mega man zero 4, modern fantasy, monty python, movies, mu*s, mucking, mudding, mummy: the resurrection, mushing, mutants and masterminds, ninja gaiden, online gaming, online rpgs, onlinegames, orpgs, pbem, pendragon, phantom brave, play by e-mail, play by post, play by post games, play-by-e-mail games, promethean: the created, punk, reading, rise of legends, rise of nations, rock, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, roleplaying games, romancing saga, rpgs, rts, sex, shadowrun, sleep, starcraft, sunstreak, supreme commander, swimming, sword and sorcery, table top games, tri-stat, tunnels and trolls, vampire: the dark ages, vampire: the masquerade, vampire: the requiem, video games, villains and vigilantes, warcraft, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolf: the forsaken, world of darkness, wraith: the oblivion