It seems like everyone I know is gone. ;.;

My own fault, I suppose.

I don't know how it happened, how I just continued on without posting here. I stopped logging into AIM (which is vanishing, I hear, and soon), Yahoo and MSN. I've been on Google chat and Facebook and G+. ;.;

I am sorry.

I've been leaving messages on the journals of people I knew. Maybe they'll see them, maybe they'll reply. Who knows.

We always say we'll write, but we hardly ever do.

Amoris vulnus idem sanat, qui facit. - Syrus Publilius

The wounds of love can only be healed by those that made them.

I remember now why I left. I'd had my heart gutted.


That truck with the snowplough was so totally not necessary today. There's like... not even a centimeter of snow out there. Did you actually plough anything there, dude?
So, I'm one year older now.

Only three years away from my doctor taking a huge interest in the back end, and leaving my junk alone. No more turn and cough, and 100% more "This won't hurt, but it will be cold."</br></br>

Wow that week went by fast...

I must have blinked because that week went by in no time flat.

I had no sleep Wednesday and Thursday nights due to a wee brown bat. I have a disused, and capped, fireplace in my room. I think he got in through there. I turned over my room trying to find him, with no luck Wednesday night. On Thursday I was able to perform a catch and release.

I went to see Clash of the Titans on Friday evening. While it plays a bit loose with the story of Perseus, it was a fun romp, and the words "Release the Kraken!" are burned indelibly in my mind.

And that was my week!


Well, today's session of the game went well. It was all roleplaying, where we were investigating the mystery of a missing noble boy, and the mystery of .. Interesting symbols.

Just came out from seeing Kick-Ass. It rocks! Totally rocked my socks off, it has a decent plot, and the scenes with Hit Girl were totally scene-stolen by her. She is a whirling dervish of pointy, stabby death. With a bad attitude and potty mouth like you wouldn't believe. Hehe, the movie was a hoot! Two thumbs up of you like off-beat action with violence and comedy. A coming of age for comic geeks every where.

I definitely want to see it again. :D


On a lighter note...

Hehe, this looks amusing...

And when did they get to Ong Bak 3? I totally missed Ong Bak 2... But it looks like they've moved from modern times to some sort of fantasy history period. WARNING: The trailer is brutally violent. You have been warned.

He sure does break a lot of people.